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Time to deliver

Updated: Nov 17, 2018

man packs boxes with vegetables.
Packing produce for delivery to restaurants in Sioux Falls, SD.

Well, our first season of restaurant distribution has come to an end. The squash plants are on their way out, and the few squash we're getting are pretty wimpy. It's been a good harvest though, and it got Sean back into the groove as a squash farmer, something he hadn't done for a few years.

When we were in college (South Dakota State University for Sean, Augustana University for me), Sean started his first commercial garden. He and his brother Brett were studying horticulture, and when they realized they could sell to others some of what they were growing for themselves, they established a vision for their futures. Today, Brett farms, tends his own orchard, raises cattle and runs a boutique hotel in Humboldt County, California.

Sean's plans took him to California for a number of years as well, but the opportunity to replant an orchard on his family's acreage and bring cider to our part of the Midwest has brought him "home." And, at least for now, he's back to farming squash with me as we wait for the apples to come in.

Yes, it was a good first year to get our hands dirty, and even though we're done with our 2017 season, we're one summer closer to being in the apple business!

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