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Our first year

Wedding couple with two dogs.
Making memories on our farm!

We accomplished a lot in our first growing season on Sean's family farm, and looking back on the highs and lows, there were many more highs than lows. Between cleaning up the farmhouse and moving in, hosting WWOOFers, clearing some of the crazy overgrowth, planting and selling produce, and planting our first orchard plots, there was much growth and revival on the land.

We had some struggles too-- a poor season for melons, the upfront costs of new (to us) implements and tools to make the work easier or neater, the realization that years of neglect means most of the outbuildings will need to come down-- but those kinds of ups and downs are to be expected when starting up a farm as a business venture AND way of life.

Earlier this fall we received word of another kind of growth-- just as things start popping next spring, we'll go from a two-human, two-dog family to a three-human, two-dog family.

ultrasound image of fetus.
Baby McFarland is on the way!

So until 2018, thanks for following our life and work at Blackshire Farms!

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